…Welcome, Why and How?

Let me introduce myself I’m Richard McMurray a 31 year old Mancunian who lives in lovely London. I have just started a full time Post Graduate course (MDes) in Service Design at Ravenbourne.
This blog is going to become my research and learning log for this year and beyond.

Our first assignment this week has been to write why I am here, so let’s go:

I decided to go to Ravensbourne’s after 7 years of working in the construction industry, mainly the mechanical and electrical discipline. After experiencing many roles and catching the innovation bug I decided to explore and find about Service Design. I feel that this is the new frontier for competitive advantage to companies and the way we are all going to become more sustainable to our environment because we have become so efficient from the industrial revolution era that we need to improve the level of thinking, design and interaction of services to all users instead of just producing more STUFF (Source – In the Bubble – Designing in a complex World by John Thankara 2005).

The reasons for choosing Ravenbourne were:

  1. I wanted to study Service Design in London and there are only 3/4 places where you can study in London.
  2. There were other courses, however costs are tight at this time and I felt Ravensbourne was the best value for money and time.
  3. The course is very new and I felt that I could help to shape the course. It fits with the way design works from dreams to reality in real life.
  4. Ravensbourne’s offering is very different from conventional universities. From their new interactive building to the mindset of the staff. It gives off the attitude and drive that they are always wanting to try and improve. I have never been to a university were in the first week you are thrown in with all the other post graduate students to make a short film. It cultivates a lot of the new thoughts and co-collaboration which is impressive and gets away from the silo mentality which stifles a lot businesses at present.

So what do I want to achieve from going to Ravensbourne you ask?

  1. I want to have found a direction/niche area to develop in the Service Design field.
  2. Communicate and facilitate in different ways well from using improvisation, sketching ideas, views and presenting.
  3. I clear understanding of Service Design knowledge and the commercial market.
  4. A great network of people I can speak to.
  5. “I want Dreamers that Do.” Lovely quote I heard on TV from Richard Reid (Innocent Smoothies) on BBC3 Be Your Own Boss (Source – Be Your Own Boss BBC3 19/09/12). I want to practice what I preach; use the tools and knowledge confidently.

How am I going to achieve this?

  1. EXPLORE – Look at the Service Design companies out there and business models being developed
  2. PRACTICE – In all situation never be afraid to try different things: improvise, sketch and post on this blog. “READY FIRE and AIM” (Source – Phil McKinney)
  3. LEARN – Read, write and draw about the activities, books and experiences I come across this year and post my findings and thoughts on this blog.
  4. BUILD – Through this blog and other activities build my portfolio and own brand.
  5. SHARE – Always be looking to share knowledge and information. It makes everything so much more fun.
  6. ENGAGE (TALK AND LAUGH) – The most important is to blog every day with worth while thoughts and questions. Chat to and talk to different types of people to find out their opinions and perspectives as Service Design is about empathising and listening.

So the journey begins Enjoy


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