…the Design Process?

We have been posed the question WHAT IS THE DESIGN PROCESS as a group for our Cultural Module and after a little research there a some things to question.

What would you say the design process is:

  1. A process to solve a problem?
  2. A process to be creative?
  3. A process to satisfy a need?
  4. A process as a Human activity process?

For this post I am going to write later my thoughts on this, but for those people following it would be good if you shared your view.


27th September 2012 17:23

Other questions I’m thinking about regarding describing the design process are:

What do you notice?

What’s the generic?

What unique?

What would you use from them?

What are the key stages

When are you focusing on:

– general overview of concept and thinking holistically?

– design details?

When are you:

exploring and generating? (divergent)

synthesising and deciding? (convergent)

Royal Institute of British Architects Plan of Work and a linear map of the design process
Source P116 & P117 Design Management – Managing Design Strategy, Process and Implementation by Kathryn Best (2006)

1st October 2012 14:40

Some other Design Process Models found through research are:

  • Design Council
  • Engine
  • Ideo
  • LiveWork
  • Particple
  • Design Against Crime
  • Nesta Age unlimited project
  • Designit’s
  • Commonground

After a frenzied morning yesterday discussing what the design process is. We as a group came up with a concept around the design process.

We see the design process being similar to the ancient Romans favourite event, fighting in the Coliseum. The Coliseum is the cauldron of the process where ideas (Similar looking to Neurons). We see the audience as the client and others, we suggested using Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hat method  to assess ideas from this viewpoint.

Neurons are the fighters. Just imagine, ideas start off weak and then start to be trained up to fight.

See the photo

This is a Design Process Concept thought up in our Group

2nd October 2012 @ 7:14 at Home



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