Let’s save the world

This sums up the non linear design process to a T. It’s all good fun in our project research.

I like it. What is it?


We started again on our sustainability project. We backtracked a long, long way along the road. We began again by simply post-iting anything and everything that came to our minds when we asked ourselves “what is it that we do that is bad for the world’s future?” Some of the results are above.

In an effort to bring some order to things we decided that our ideas could be roughly organised into four groups: Energy, Using Less, Waste Reduction and Macro/National change.

We weren’t exactly sure what to do next, so after a while we decided to brainstorm example of existing good practice in these areas. This is what we came up with:

  • Renewable energy
  • Local food movement (lower transport costs)
  • Paving slab energy
  • Energy meters (encouraging lower energy usage)
  • Transport – Boris bokes
  • Clothes – charity shops, clothes banks, swishing, shwopping
  • Recycling batteries at Sainsbury’s
  • Food…

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