…What is Service Design? What is Design? My Plan

Assignment MDes 01 – The first one……. Deadline 5th November 

Develop your own position on design from the perspective of your chosen pathway (Service Design for me)

So what is design, where has it come from and where has service design come from? Lots of different questions.

For this post I want to start fleshing out my plan for answering the above question.

I first mind mapped out the brief

This was my initial plan for my MDes 01 assignment

My initial Strategy/Method for answering this assignment question has been to look at breaking down the assignment into key topical areas and then researching from those points of view.

The initial structure is:

  1. Introduction
  2. Service Design in a sentence —- they are too many different views of it?
  3. What Service Design isn’t
  4. What is the history of Design
  5. Where has service design come from HISTORY?
  6. What people in the field say about service design
  7. Where does Service Design Fit in the Design World?
  8. …..
  9. ……
  10. …..
  11. Final – “Service design is ….. (one Sentence/paragraph)”

So how am I going to review the literature. I will use the above headings to breakdown the question into manageable parts each week for the next 4 weeks. So if 8 chapters I would read and reference 2 chapters a week and record these in my blog posts.

I will be adding to this as I go along, there is no time like the present to get something written down. I find this hard.

8th October 2012 – 11:39 (Home)


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