…When and What has influenced Design?

Where has design come from?

In week 3 we all had the chance to discuss the roots of design and how it has been influenced throughout time.

Time line of Design we drew in class

In the second half we looked at our field SERVICE DESIGN to see what has influenced our field

Service Design Timeline

The Service Design Timeline

For the our assignment it was to flesh out these timelines to find insights into how Design has been influenced.

How did I approach this; with my logical mind I thought it would be good to transpose all the findings into spreadsheets and then follow on further what the dates and further information were.

Then I moved to descriping how these dates link together on a visual timeline

Work In Progress Design Timeline

Work In Progress Design Timeline and Service Design

But first I needed to work out the way I was going to show the information. I decided to have key names, dates and things at the top, then the timeline in the middle. But for the areas of influence I decided to have these spanning underneath to show how far there reach has been and the length of time. I wanted to try this on Adobe Illustrator but need to train myself on this first. Prototyping on paper for me is the quickest way to start this.

This is still not finished but work in progress to get a clearer perspective on Design and Service Design.


The business case for or aganist service design – Brandon Schauer

http://www.1-900-870-6235.com/eLearning/GreatIdeas/TimeLineMap.htm – Timeline of thinkers

http://www.critical-thinkers.com/Critical-Thinkers-Through-History.jpg – Critical Thinkers through out history infographic


6th October 2012 – 09:41 (Home)

8th October 2012 – 12:09 (Home)


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