…British Library, Science Museum and Jazz

I know this is a strange title but what a day. Seeing the British museum and the science museum was great. So where did Jazz come into this post.

Starting from the start of the day, the British Museum. What a building and history, it looks relatively ordinary from the outside but inside it is awesome and such a welcoming atmosphere.

Our research field objective was to discover an artefact or an experience which we can begin writing about.

Now at the British museum some of us started out by visiting The Sir John Ritblat Gallery going to see the treasures of the British Library. What you come into is a quiet museum experience with loads of books. What is astonishing is the level of design that was around in 1500, for instance The atlas and the different bibles.

The Old Hall Manuscript

What caught my eye and it has been nagging me since last week’s assignment on where has design come from and be influenced by. It was a few books with muscical scripter with very beautiful art work inside.

Can Music be used to design service experiences and have the improv affect like Jazz music does? I can see this being my project possibly.

Watch this space for more interesting facts from the day……..

9th October 2012 -20:46 (Home)

Adding to my visit last week  on the British Science museum. With my new found thoughts from the British Library on Jazz, I made my way to the Google Labs exhibition. What struck me when I was in there, everyone was playing with the musical devices. Music does make us curious. The lab experiment here was for people in the exhibition and the people on the interact to interact with the musical instrument to make sounds together. So does that make the interent like Jazz?

As this week has gone I have also asked the question with Service design as to whether Rap/Hip Hop’s structure can be used like Jazz. A lot of research is going to be needed to get my mind round this one.

15th October 2012 – 16:41 (Home)


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