…Food Waste

As part of our research into Pickling project and Food Waste. I have been delving on the web and in London.

Tried to speak to our local garden center and the Council about Allotments. I am waiting back on a reply back from the Council on Wednesday about speaking to some people in allotments in my area.

Researching up on how much food waste we waste in the UK online. I stumbled on the guys at Sustain through a book called Confessions of An Eco Sinner by Fred Pearce. From searching in Sustain I came across there opinion on Food wasteFeeding 5,000 Pledge and the Food Waste Pyramid Graphic, The Green Cook Campaign in the EU, a Case Study in Germany and Taste the Waste German Food Campaign. They are all very helpful resources to pick up insights.

Food Waste PyramidInsights I did not know and will need to research are:

Good Links from Sustain 

Schemes such as Fareshare and FoodCycle may be able to collect your saved food to give the homeless and disadvantaged people that they serve a chance for a good meal and a chat.

Good Links from Taste the Waste

Taste the Waste – Videos

Good Links for Food Waste from Food Waste Pyramid

  • Biffa

    Collection and recycling of food waste. Provides bins & free waste audit

    visit website / 0800 307 307

  • Biocollectors

    Collection and recycling of food waste for agricultural fertilizer

    visit website / send email / 0333 9009 333

  • BiogenGreenFinch

    Anaerobic digestion plant. Collection by Cawleys

    visit website / 01234 827249

  • Bywaters

    Collection and recycling of food waste By-cycler scheme. Free waste audit

    visit website / send email / 020 7001 6000

15th October 2012 – 15:52 (Home)


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