…Research Presentation and Assignment

Another good thoughtful day on the MDes 01 module.

Lecture week 16th October 2012

We talked about last weeks museum visits and our artefacts, from Lighthouses to the mini skirt. My Artefact – Music as a metaphor for service design using Jazz as an example. After last weeks visit I went along to the Courtauld Gallery at Sommerset House on Saturday. In there I came across some information written about ‘IMPRESSIONISM’ and it got me thinking about Service Design. (See below)

Is service design going to be like Impressionism was like in Paris in 1874. I feel drawn to Impressionism because of its informal, loose and sketchy in comparison to conventional standards. The impressionists interest in contemporary subjects was expressed through innovative techniques which aimed to convey a more direct and powerful experience.

On Sunday I read the intro chapter on ‘How to Rap’ by Paul Edwards looking at how Rap/Hip Hop can fit with my idea. More to come on this later.

Yesterday I started to use a program called Real Time Boards, to try and gather my thoughts down for the history and structure of Jazz. It worked like a ‘Post it wall’ at home. Still a lot to look at in terms of understanding how Jazz works and the best way for me to research and capture details. You tube videos next.

And before this mornings lecture I wrote some words about my thoughts on the tube:

Music and Jazz in services (Tube) 16th October 2012 – 9:29

If touch points are notes off a music score. Then those experiences can be controlled however when the same experiences become familiar, we need to spice it up. Jazz structure could be used for this plus staff can see the bigger picture, improvise and play.

Experiences/services I say have there own tune. But people have different experiences with them. For instance going to a concert one set of people will have an amazing time and meet the band by accident. Another set of people have had a horrible experience as someone spilt a drink over them and then bouncers thru them out for no reason. The planned experience was the same but the outcomes for different people/users was different.

When we finished our lecture I went up to the library and guess what…. I found a book similar to what I am looking at

Sound Business by Julian Treasure

Sound Business by Julian Treasure


For my Presentation next week

– It is key to stay with my music metaphor and show the link in some way

– What will the compartments look like use examples

– Find out if this has been done before and then How is it different (Literature review)

Some other points I need to consider and think about:

– What is good music or popular (Taste)? These traits could help with Services?

– How do you research Music and services – Look at Memo Aktin. Explore his methods

– Bounce between Music as a Methaphor (to define) vs Chaos/disorder and Touch and Feel

– Next Steps outline concepts and different model

– Control & Chaos thinking and theory & Efficiency

– What the do the readings of structure to sympathetic or disorder?

– Where is the disorder in Impressionist painting?

– Investigate Design/Artistic Manifestos

– Look at Brian Eno videos airport ambient music and the concept of the album

– Look at MTV manifesto

– Investigate the disorder at Apples creative side vs the business side (Structured)

My Thoughts on paper below (You will not understand but it is here for my help later)

Lecture Notes 16/10/12 Part 1

Lecture Notes 16/10/12 Part 1

Lecture Notes 16/10/12 Part 2

Lecture Notes 16/10/12 Part 2


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