Annotated Bibliography Book 3 – Design Management

This is a great visual and informative book. I love the style and flow of information. Plus it has loads of info and examples on the design process 🙂


Design Management; managing design strategy, process and implementation by Kathryn Best

Design management is about the management of design

(Best, 2006, design management, 2006, p12).

The author’s opening sentence is an intriguing one, as well as it provoking the reader into reading further to understanding the why’s.  I found myself reading and exploring more into this book to understanding the concepts of design management and how it is implemented.   What is striking is the  visually aesthetics of this book is very different from other books in appearance than what is considered to be the norm.  The layout, selections, the choice of font including sizes, colour separates itself from others; in what web design would describe as good UI (user interface).  However this was actual refreshing and made reading this book more enjoyable, it becomes clear that visual communication is fundamental in absorbing information without the burdening the reader with confusing jargon and examples…

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