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After our presentations today. It has left me with a few decisions on how Jazz, should relate to service design.

I have just been quickly looking at John Kao‘s website and about the Jamming book. His view point is very similar to my original insight:

My lifelong interest in jazz led me to think about the connection between improvisation in jazz and the innovation process itself.  It was an itch I could not help but scratch.

Apart from the difference of me not having much experience of Jazz (I did play the clarinet, for 7 years) , this was the same question I was asking.

Watching his videos were he uses Jazz principles:

Thoughts on the videos  – John spoke about how  sheet music holds the basic framework, with tune and harmony being in that framework. The creative/improvisation element and value creation come from artist manipulating and messing around with the melody and trying different notes.

He talked about being innovative as being a capability which is then hard to lose. He talked about the Jazz ‘Sweet Spot’ which is the balance between freedom and structure, past vs future, and expert vs the begineer. This element resonates with me on how services need to have this choice of adventure in certain situations, its like the Jazz musician making a choice on every note he plays.

The last part of the second video seemed to contradict my thoughts on creativity and innovation. He discussed that Operation Excellence needed to a pre-requites for innovation and creativity to happen. However he did discuss that companies need to be adventurous and that too much structure can harm innovation. The part about operational excellence just did not sit well with me as I percieve that you can be innovative or creative without being operationally excellent.

I need to sit and think about this and write again and get the Jamming book by John Kao.

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