Service designers or party planners?

Great Stuff Polly. I call this iterating like MAD. Its all good fun.

Just to add to our work:

In the morning we presented our first mock up device and we did some story boarding. See below:

I like it. What is it?

If I had to choose one word that has been a constant descriptor of our sustainability project it would be DYNAMIC. We’ve gone from refashioning fur, to finding more uses for meat carcasses, to pickling lettuce, to farming your own food and now, today, to party planning. I’ll do my best now to describe this latest transformation and add some thoughts and provocations along the way.
Our purpose this afternoon was to have a go at prototyping our product/service. I’m going to blog separately about prototyping. Firstly, in an effort to understand the broader landscape of production and consumption in which lettuce sits, we made a system map using Prezi.

The elements of this system are:

  • Inputs
  • Processes
  • Outputs
  • Contexts

We discussed this in relation to window farming, an endeavor which currently has a very small band of dedicated followers. It involves hydroponic production. There is no watering…

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