…How far do you go to share or protect Today

Copyright and IP

Set challenges – Research which facets of IP – © – work best for intended your specialisms

As part of the second weeks homework, we were asked “Research which facets of IP – © – work best for intended your specialisms.” For my intended field Service Design, which is a new field.

Contexts – Consultant/Freelance or small business sector. Very open and colloborative environment. Very young industry could be subject to threats from more established people and business (very cynical). So how else do you protect yourself. Now copyright, trademark and patents all seem to look at protection at the TIME of invention see examples

Apple trademark vs Apple Beatles

Apples ipod system patents

So HOW would you protect/share with a way of sustaining a living, that is what the end of goal? Is Creative Commons the answer but what happens if you do not have enough financial capital to take on someone. Could you have some other type of capital that would help to protect you? The legal systems do not really take this into account apart from in films were FAMOUS people or companies with money can put pressure on the Legal system to do something in their favour.

Haiku Deck – This company uses creative commons license for pictures in presentations.

One way to stamp your ideas. Is to post your pictures and thoughts Dave Gray example.But is this false? Who gets it online wins first but if that person is not great with computers, is that too BAD?

Mind Map with thoughts on Copyright and Trademark – Protection Bubble20121027-101822.jpg

6th October 2012 – 09:31 (Home)

Just watched Good Copy Bad Copy – If you have not watched this, WATCH IT. Great work on the question about copyright and interlectual property. I did a few doodles on the thoughts on this. The striking elements is two opposing mindsets One Corporate thinking and law vs Openness and freedom to explore and play. Now some of the new ideas have come through into the main stream, music artists earning more from performances then records sales.

However this still begs the questions in such a networked and digital age as a designer “how do you earn money” from the work that you create? Advertising on a banner, people donating, sponsorship….. the million dollar question. It looks to me that we are trying to modify an old way of thinking about making money. I know I am getting quite philosocial, this course will do that to you, which is great.Back to making money. Paying someone to do a job or use there skill for an outcome is the fundamental structurebehind everything deemed work. However there are people who LOVE their work and create and do work and then work out later to find rumination. Kick Starter is an example however this is more for a business or should we think of ourselves now as businesses and kick start ourselves.




11th October 2012 – 14:12 (Uni)

https://vimeo.com/creativecommons – 19th October 2012 – 9:29 – Manchester

Real Life example – How do organists protect themselves at married events in church as there are two rates in the church of England. One for them being videoed and one for them not being videoed. People now are using video phones and then upload them to youtube.


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