…Making something out of nothing

Looking at Memo a physics based artist.

It is refreshing to see other peoples creative methods and thoughts without it needing to be all about business.

https://vimeo.com/28239261 – Simple Harmonic 5 – It is inspired by observations of natural physical and mathematical phenomena; as well as works by the likes of Norman Mclaren, John Whitney, Steve Reich, John Cage, Gyorgi Ligeti, Edgar Varèse, Brian Eno

This is very close to how I am thinking about the relationship of music with services. “project lies the concept of creating complexity from simplicity” “project explores the area of creating complex patterns from the interaction of simple rhythms, specifically: ‘simple harmonic motion’.”

“Our capability in recognising patterns sonically is very different to our capability in recognising patterns visually. Whilst there are of course exceptions, in general, we are visually more spatially sensitive. E.g. it is easier for most of us to estimate where and how far away something is by seeing it, as opposed to just hearing it. i.e. When using our eyes, most of us are spatially more precise. However we are sonically more temporally sensitive, both on a macro scale (e.g. it is easier for most of us to detect whether a pulse is exactly on a beat by hearing a repetitive sound, compared to seeing a flashing image) and also on a micro scale (e.g. it is difficult for most of us to detect an exact doubling of frequency in light waves – i.e. hue shift; however an exact doubling of frequency in sound waves – i.e. an octave transpose – is relatively realistic for many humans to detect. i.e. When using our ears, most of us are temporally more precise. By translating the observed physical and mathematical phenomena between the senses, and taking benefit of our different sensitivities; the project abstracts, emphasises and amplifies the experience creating something new out of something which exists every day in our lives.” Memo

I love this end phrase from Memo – Ultimately hoping to encourage and inspire others to look at the world around them in more detail, with a more interrogatory approach; most importantly learning to find fascination in what they normally would not even have looked at; and even leading them to do more research along similar lines; hopefully in turn encouraging and inspiring others. http://youtu.be/yVkdfJ9PkRQ – his inspiration

http://www.memo.tv/webcam-piano-2/ – Very interesting how is trying to get a structure over this.

http://www.memo.tv/cosmic-sensation/ – Interesting on cosmic rays and music

Cosmic Sensation is a project born out of an idea by Physics Professor Sijbrand de Jong, formerly at CERN, and currently Director of the Institute for Mathematics, Astrophysics and Particle Physics at Radboud University Nijmegen; his idea was to “Use cosmic rays to make music”. When Barney Broomer came on board, the idea evolved to converting a giant dome (30m – currently the worlds largest) into an interactive audio-visual extravaganza driven by particles from another galaxy. MSA Visuals were commissioned along with Blender artists Dalai FelintoMike Pan and Martinsh Upitis to cover the dome with visuals driven by the cosmic rays.

http://youtu.be/7jFViD9qKCQ – History – Interconnectedness of the balls and how this can look like a service through its entire life.

https://vimeo.com/35768608 – Cascade Coca Cola works

Other points
Question – How can technology help improve services – inspiration coming from Memo – Wombat – Techno fan work -http://www.memo.tv/wombats-techno-fan/

Also look at exhibitions that were conected with the Digital SHoreditch 2012

Google labs experience

20th October 2012 – 8:30 – Manchester


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