…Assignment and the Design Agenda

Now into the final week of the MDes 01 course work and the assignment is coming along slowly but surely.

I have just been reading some summary elements of “The Design Agenda” b R.Copper and M.Press (1995) some very good topic titles here for discussing What is design

What is Design – Design as Art, Design as problem solving, design as a creative act, design as a family of professions, design as an industry, design as a planning process

The value of Design – value of design as an enterprise, value of design to the national economy, value of design after Henry Ford, values made visible and design and social values

Corporate Design Strategies

Design & Organisations – Design and R&D, Design and Marketing, Design and Production, Finance and Deisgn (Interesting why they have written this that way?), Design and Sales, Human Resource Management and Design, Design and other organisational issues (New product development, Creativity and Innovation, Design and Quality), Design and the Tools.

“Design is a core aspect of every organisation’s business; it should be a concern of every function”

This statement from R.Copper and M.Press (1995) is for me one of underlying competitive advantages business in the UK are failing to see. All business and people including are designing themselves. You choice to buy some clothes thats designing you choice to have your food delivered to home that is design. Your business decides to put a new payroll system in, that is design. So on and so. All businesses are designing there services I suspect that they don’t realise this and this is why we get a lot of poorly designed services at present.

30th October 2012 – 20:50 – Home


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