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It has been a strange week in terms of what I have learnt this week.
Our lecture on Tuesday was fun in terms of the visualising the design process and how we begin to visualise our research. We had good discussions in what we had found out about ‘The Shift’ project. However trying to put these visualising tools into practice is a lot harder.

You constantly, well I constantly ask myself is this right rather than playing with the information. I did a lot of this to-ing and throwing on Thursday with an exercise to categorise all the information we had found so far on ‘The Shift’. I only managed to dump all the info on Thursday and then on Saturday I managed to set up three main categories. Some more came later.

Brain Dump of all information found


On the Saturday I started to categorise all the information we had found (I needed a break to do this of a couple of days)

1.Target user group

2. The Shift

3. Case studies

Others –

On the 19/11/12 (Today) 

David and myself have been looking at this in more detail:

The Action Plan

Shift User Matrix


Shift User Survey Matrix (for possible use in tomorrows lecture)

Extra Ideas

The question of What is in it for me? is a very prominent question we have to keep in mind all the time with 15-21 year old target users for ‘The Shift”. (Reference BK Stories that move Mountains P16)

Additional Thoughts 

Adding to this my reading it has been quite thought provoking from the design method debating that has happened in-conjunction with Human Centered design through to design thinking and the funnel process (Mystery, Heuristic to algorithmic). BK – The Design of Business – by Roger Martin (2009)

Pretty intense stuff and debating going on. The one lesson I have reflecting on is. I have been looking for a long time at finding one system to fit all the things I do. One could say that I have been trying to refine my design method. At some point though you need to try these and this is the ongoing debate between academia and business. Thinking vs doing.


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