…Motivating your audience

I have just read part of book called ‘Stories that move mountains’ by M. Sykes, A. Nicklaus Malik and M. D. West

In terms of our research into 15-21 years for ‘The Shift’ research I came across an area which I feel would be useful. P16 Motivate your audience to act. Now bear in mind this is a book about presentation however it is very true as service designs, managers etc we do not always ask the question

What’s in it for me?  P16

This is first question we need to pose when trying to create our personas for this weeks lecture.
Also there two other useful points we have to consider from with our Audience
1. Their Learning style
2. Their Decision making style

When you use a story to make change happen, you’re often asking your audience to perform two different tasks. You are asking them to LEARN, and you are asking them to DECIDE. P17

I have not read the detail of these yet. Will keep you posted…..

19th November 2012 – 08:51 – tube


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