…Creating Disruptive Innovation Pitch

Tomorrow we have been tasked with Pitching a Disruptive Innovation Pitch in 2 minutes.

My process for doing this today has been:

1. Read the notes from the previous lecture and get my mind around the disruptive innovation

2. Look at some of my previous ideas and compare to see if they are a disruptive innovation.

3. Use the Creative Whack Pack by Roger von Oech to try and create something new

4. Create a Metaphor for my pitch


The Creative Whack Pack

I have not tried these before, so I thought this would be a good experiment going through the process of creating and expanding ideas in a different way.

Reading through the cards and the booklet. I realised a block I have been having with idea generating and that was how do I judge and implement an idea. The whack pack has helped me become aware of four categories in the idea process:

– The Explorer – DISCOVERING places for new ideas.

– The Artist – TRANSFORMING Resources into new Ideas

– The Judge – EVALUATING and DECIDING on Ideas

– The Warrior – IMPLEMENTING Ideas

I did some of the initial exercises with the cards and had some interesting results.


Past Month – I am more of a Warrior and a balance of the others. I need to improve my Artist. My personal creative style has improved over the past year to being more warrior like with an decrease in the other three areas from a year ago. Meaning I have become more reliant on a few strategies to generate ideas.

Past Year – An even spread apart from the judger which was low.

Never – Lots of cards of each suit apart from the Warrior which only had one.

My strongest pile was the Warrior and the Weakest was the Judge


This was a hard exercise to compare some of my ideas with something else. I did come up with a few.

Lets see how it goes tomorrow.


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