…Visual Narrative and Peter Anderson

Last night I went with a good friend to the Design Museum Talks. Peter Anderson was talking about his 20 years experimenting with language and visuals.

It was such a deep and thoughtful talk in terms of designing visual language with a purpose rather than just to sell something.

I did not realise this was Peter Andersons work in Sherlock Holmes. Very Simple and adds to the story and the character of Sherlock Holmes.

Visual Language in action telling a story. This is Peter Andersons work in the Sherlock Holmes TV series.

I am already exploring this area of visual narrative in the other projects I am involved with. Time to prototype.

The areas Peter spoke about were:

– Is Language enough (why don’t we add words to pictures Flip our thinking)

– Experiment (Wordscapes and concrete poetry)

– Act as a Spark (Language as a mechanism)

– Fusing stuff (imagery with typography)

– Back to Basics

– Growing Information

– Language can start stories

– Living Language

– Thinking place

– Language vs Logo

– Animating Language

– Making knowledge accessible & information to progress knowledge

A lot of Peters work can be found on his website http://www.peterandersonstudio.co.uk/the_html/

Work 9:14am


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