…Employee Engagement Week 1

Apologise this is a late post. Been trying to gather my thoughts from the last few weeks.

Week 1

And Go

So begins the final major project. The proposal has been drafted and sent in. The reading has begun and the subject is…

What would a Service Design approach look like to increase employee engagement?

Better late than never.

I have been reading through some of the literature around the Macleod Report 2009, touchpoint journal articles and The Service Design Book by

Add in all the other notes from the weeks

Add picture of my plan.

17th June

Looking at Dale Carnegie pages http://www.dalecarnegie.com/employee-engagement/engaged-employees-infographic?keycode=twitter&utm_content=buffer81286&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer some interesting white papers put on hold

Can Yammer be classed as an employee engagement platform?

PLAN for this week

– Immerse myself in Macleod Report and start producing portraits of the WHO and WHAT

– Investigate Zappos case study

– Pick another two case studies

– Look at Engaged book

– Look at rest of touchpoints book for cases and strategies

– Read Service Design Book

Investigating MACLEOD Report – Using the Dan Roam Who method

First sweep notes

Meet Nina Grunfield

18th June

Good chats with Peter and Michel about google glass


Rebecca MacKinnon


Nicholas Carr


Jason Lanier


Did a concept map of the employee engagement from a macro view.

Had a tutorial with Paul (photos)

20th June

To contact the SD network and Design Thinkers Network

Reading Service design book by Ben Reason 

Yammer use as a case study

Street car case

Then focus on dyson induction process – making a dyson

Then do I focus on the team culture. What is that about? Do you look at leaders or do you look for traits or how do you make this work with the company culture. These are some of the focused questions needed

Use three core service map on p29

Look at virgin airways design with inflight teams

Fish tale book

21st June

Connected on linkedin with service design UK Network and found a discussion very similar to my thesis.

Idea on focus

Objective 1 start by creating a service blueprint from Macleod report.

Objective 2 – create a Meetup employee engagement group. Using rave as a base and use Meetup, eventbrite or other planning too

Objective 3 – to have created a community actively creating new solutions and testing out at group meet ups.

Culture infographic http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-06-13/office-cultures-a-global-guide#r=nav-r-graphic

Some American blogs



22nd June

See picture of sketch around a practice workshop to run through decisions

Draw + Decision + coach = experiential learning and learning a skill and experience















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