About Me

Born in Manchester, I began my career back in Nottingham in 2003 designing and testing new communication platforms.

From my electronics background to construction, through to service design. I have experienced, seen and done a lot. From constructing telecommunication equipment to building schools and hospitals. I always noticed what the experiences employees were having. From the effect redundancy had on moral and engagement. To the energy created when teams click and perform to their ability.

I am now a service and user experience designer looking at how experience design and communication methods can be used to create engaging employee experiences. Which ultimately improves peoples voice and purpose which in turn improves the businesses brand.

Previous Work Experience
In previous roles, I have led the design, facilitation and construction of innovation programmes; guided the design and construction of building projects, mobile apps, workshops and have worked in a number of internal business roles.

I hold a Master’s degree in Service Design from Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication, a Master’s degree in Management from Manchester Metropolitan University and an Undergraduate degree in Electronic engineering from Nottingham University.

I loves exploring in my free time, through my interests in reading, photography, public speaking, travel and football.

Please get in touch:

Send me an email. (Richard.McMurray@Gmail.com)

Follow me on Twitter (@richardmcmurray)

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